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„Worth knowing about rum"

The popular cocktail ingredient originally comes from the Caribbean. The production of the spirit was first documented in the 17th century and at the time was also properly served to the sailors and sailors of the Royal Navy. This so-called "rum ration" was abolished in 1972. How the sugarcane spirit is made is summarized for you in this article.

The molasses of the sugar cane serves as a raw material for the production of the spirit drink, which together with water and sugarcane juice results in the so-called mash. This mixture is fermented to yield a low alcoholic sugar wine, which is still distilled following fermentation.

The distillate of the sugar is made with distilled water of 85% vol. Alcohol down to 40 to 55% volume alcohol to make the rum edible and to store in the next step for six to 30 months.

The storage is done with white rum in stainless steel barrels and for brown rum in oak barrels. So not only the taste profile can be adjusted, but also the quality can be increased.

Many manufacturers use sugar couloured brown rum to make it tastier and sweeter, and suggest longer storage times. Terms such as flavored rum, rum-based liqueur or rum blend are a reference to such additives.