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We support small selected farmers who are available to us as suppliers for our fruit. We buy the fruit seasonally and directly from the field.
Only the best fresh products are harvested. Deliveries are made daily. We support the small suppliers in punctuality, responsibility and quality.
The personal contact and the reliable relationship with the suppliers are very important for RWANDASCHNAPS and are rewarded by a fair trade price.

Our company also supports young people and trains them technically. In this way, these people receive a high-quality training and can become suppliers or employees for the distillery in the future.

All our products are made exclusively from natural ingredients. Compared to many other products they contain no additional sugar. All products are also gluten-free.The method of distillation is based on traditional craftsmanship in hand-forged copper distilleries. The distilleries were all imported from Germany and made especially for us. Quality instead of quantity is the credo of the company. Our local customers are renowned
5 star hotels such as the famous Hotel Mille Collines, known for the three Oscars nominated movie „Hotel Rwanda“, exclusive bars, restaurants and supermarkets. Now, we also export to Europe!

Before the products go on sale, we give them a 3-month „breathing space“ in big glass balloons.
Normally fruit brandies don `t have to be stored. However, the product develops a rounded taste in the compound with oxygen.

„From the field to the finished product“
The need for alcohol in Rwanda is high. Imports of Rwanda of alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of 40% in 2014 were 2, 2 million liters. But Rwanda is rich in raw materials that can be used to make these products.

The concept is based exclusively on 100% raw materials that originate from Rwanda. Large quantities can be produced without resorting to industrial means.
Our company does not use electricity or oil-driven industrial machines during production. The distillery works  exclusively with gas, so that continuous production is ensured even in the case of a power failure.

Instead of environmentally damaging industrial plants, the concept is based on the skills and the workforce of local people. This creates a lot of valuable jobs.
The purchase of agricultural products from local farmers helps them to generate their income.
In this way, we promotes the domestic gross natural product as well as the economic development of export. The products can be sold domestically as well as in other countries.

We currently produces an annual volume of 15,000 liters of different types of fruit brandies, which includes the processing of over 150 tonnes of fruits.
All of our products are produced according to the guidelines of the EU-Spirits-Regulation. This regulation is recognized worldwide, so the export possibilities are open to the world.
Our distillery is the first company to implement this concept in Rwanda.

Reason enough for the Rwandan Minister of Trade, François Kanimba, to visit the distillery together with the German Ambassador, Dr. Peter Woeste, and on this occasion the official certification for the operation was handed over.