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Here we will publish all news and interesting facts about our distillery and products.

Even interesting things around the topic of spirits, recipe and preparation suggestions, how a good drink can be mixed.


„From the field to the finished product“

We support small selected farmers who are available to us as suppliers for our fruit. We buy the fruit seasonally and directly from the field.
Only the best fresh products are harvested. Deliveries are made daily. We support the small suppliers in punctuality, responsibility and quality.
The personal contact and the reliable relationship with the suppliers are very important for RWANDASCHNAPS and are rewarded by a fair trade price.

„Worth knowing about rum"

The popular cocktail ingredient originally comes from the Caribbean. The production of the spirit was first documented in the 17th century and at the time was also properly served to the sailors and sailors of the Royal Navy. This so-called "rum ration" was abolished in 1972. How the sugarcane spirit is made is summarized for you in this article.